How do Prime Numbers Protect Our Credit Cards

Jun 09, 2020

Prime numbers are the numbers that can only be divisible by one and themselves. Furthermore, prime numbers are the atoms of numbers. Any number can be created by just using prime numbers. For instance, if you want to get 143, just multiply 11 and 13.
Since Euclid proved that prime numbers are infinitely many, some mathematicians are still trying to reveal the mysteries of primes. For instance, a mathematician spent 14 years of computing to find the prime number, 2⁷⁷²³²⁹¹⁷-1. But why? The answer is simple; online security. Yes, prime numbers are incredibly important for cryptography.
If you want to learn more about how prime numbers are used to protect your credit card information, please read the article, “The science of encryption: prime numbers and mod n arithmetic.”

The science of encryption: prime numbers and mod n arithmetic