The Solutions of the Questions - July

Jul 23, 2020

How many triangles make a hexagon?

Answer: If you have six equilateral triangle you can get a hexagon! If you fold the triangle part of the image above, you will see that you cover the yellow hexagon!

Which of the shape of the manhole cover don't fall in if it were inserted diagonally in the hole?

Answer: It is circle! If you don't belive us, why don't you design a triangle or a square one and try it yourself!

Right triangle ABC has side lengths  x + 1 , x − 1, and x. What is the value of  x?

The Pythagorean theorem tells us, a² + b² = c².

So then we can write the quadratic equation like:

x² + (x-1)² = (x+1)²

x² + x² - 2x + 1 = x² +2x +1

2x² — 2x + 1= x² +2x +1

x² =4x


If you zoom in a fly's eye, which geometric shape will you see?

The nature tells us it is a hexagon!