5 Cool Math Games To Improve Your Child’s Logic And Thinking

resources Apr 06, 2020

Getting your child to study math can be difficult. After all, school systems aren’t exactly world-renowned for making math fun and exciting to learn. But what if we told you you and your child could have fun playing games, while still learning math on the fly?

You might be thinking, but aren’t those just games? Actually, there’s a body of scientific research pointing to the fact that playing math games not only increases your child’s logical and mathematical capabilities, but also helps them adjust socially.

They also build a so called “school-to-home” connection, which makes it easier for your child to transition to doing homework(or just educating themselves on extracurriculars independently.)

For that purpose, we’ve assembled 5 cool math games that are bound to keep your child entertained, and more importantly, educated.

1: Twelve A Dozen

Twelve A Dozen is an award-winning platformer game that sets you to play as a charming square with a “12” on its head, named twelve. The game has over a dozen(heh.) Ways to keep your child entertained. The narrator, named Dot, after the decimal point takes you through a whimsical and fun experience.

You progress through the game’s 50 platforming-intensive levels by solving increasingly difficult math puzzles. The game deals with subjects such as factoring, negative numbers, and the algebraic order of operations all through gorgeous animations, an enchanting story, and smooth gameplay.

Touch Press Games have knocked it out the park with this one. Twelve a dozen steps away from the trend of math games being essentially disguised math lessons in a bad game. Instead, it is a great game which just so happens to be teaching you math. The art and presentation are also superb, and the gameplay is bound to keep your child coming back for more.

Twelve A Dozen is fairly costed at $4.99 a month, and is available only through the Apple store.

2: 2048

2048 can be seen as simultaneously an exercise in critical thinking, addition, and multiplication.

It is also probably one of the world’s most successful weekend projects.

In this game, you slide tiles which have been assigned numbers from one side of a grid to the other, with the end goal of them combining to get 2048. When two tiles with the same number touch, they combine together to turn into a tile of double the value.

It’s also entirely free to play, and available on iOS, Android, and even PC!

The excellent part about this game is that it’s absolutely addicting. Even someone that doesn’t like math can appreciate the feeling of adrenaline when everything stacks up the way they planned.

If you’d like your child to experience a lightweight introduction to multiplication, as well as increase their critical thinking skills, 2048 might be the way to go.

3: Super Brain - Funny Puzzle

Super Brain - Funny Puzzle is a game dedicated to out of the box thinking. While there are some straight-up mathematical problems in it, the bulk of the game boils down to critical thinking and creative reasoning problems.

This is an especially good game for children that haven’t quite started school yet, as some of the concepts presented in the game are extremely simple.

A great feature in this game is that all the puzzles are separate. This means you can easily curate your child’s playing experience. If you know there’s a certain kind of puzzle that they enjoy, or perhaps hate, you can pick whether or not to give it to them to play through.

The puzzles are also of varying difficulty levels and demand different amounts of math knowledge, so you can keep giving your child different puzzles as they grow.

Unfortunately, the number of puzzles is quite limited(as of today, having only 200) but it’s a great way to pass the time and improve at the same time!

This game is available on Google Play and the Apple Store alike.

4: Splash Maths

Splash Maths is an award-winning game covering education from Kindergarten to Grade 5. This game is an excellent way to make the usual school curriculum more fun for your child. It could be said this game made quite the splash.

It features a vast variety of content which will let your child explore and practice math to their heart’s content. Furthermore, it features a personalized daily learning plan made specifically for your child.

The only flaw to assign this game would be the lack of a cohesive narrative story, and some of the mini-games within having quite clunky gameplay. With that being said, it does attempt to teach your child over 400 different math skills.

The game also incorporated multiple scientists and teachers in its making, ensuring that your child gets the best out of the experience.

Having won over 8 internationally recognized awards, Splash Maths is one of the best ways to bring the school curriculum home out there.

It is available on PC and iOS, in addition to Android.

5: PotatoMath

PotatoMath takes the concepts of the games we’ve discussed so far, and combines them into a cohesive whole.

It boasts a clever, minimalistic design, in addition to a currency system that awards you for completing exercises. The progression system in the game(completing modules to get one of the in-game currencies, “potatoes” to unlock new ones,) is made to keep your child coming back to this game.

It also features free daily challenges, giving exciting exercises to your kids to keep them learning every day.

The multiplayer aspect of the game lets your child play together with their friends, since a small element of competition has been proven to boost children’s learning potential and motivation. These “battles” are also split by topic and syllabus, so you can curate them to your child’s needs.

The game covers topics from basic arithmetic to pre-calculus and statistics, which lets it stay relevant throughout your child’s schooling.

The game is pretty entertaining, however, it does have a few issues. Namely, it’s quite new, which means that the UI isn’t as responsive as we’d like. It also isn’t as packed with content as some of its older competitors.

Every correct answer in the game will award your child with a potato, while bigger achievements will reward them with gems you can redeem for real-life prizes in the gift store.

The game is currently available on iOS and Android, for the measly price of [Insert price here]