3 Free Resources For Math Worksheets

resources Mar 31, 2020

Finding quality worksheets for your child to work through can be rather difficult. This, at times daunting task, isn’t made any simpler by the abundance of worksheet providers available online.

Fortunately, today we’re here to look at three of the three best free resources for your child’s needs. We’ll be looking at those geared towards K-12 aged children. These resources will be graded on a variety of different aspects, ranging from the number of sheets that they offer, the quality of the material, and the versatility that they offer.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it:

teAchnology Free Math Worksheets

While this site doesn’t look like the most up to date thing in the world, the material on it is nowhere near as old-fashioned.

The first thing that sticks out is the sheer number of printables that they offer. With over 2000 printables, your child is sure to have a bunch of material to work through. This material is also sorted through, so you won’t have to spend too much time trying to find certain sections of subjects.

For example, if your child wanted to brush up on geometry, you could just navigate to that portion of their site and look it up. There, you’d see different worksheets depending on the kind of geometry you want to check out.

These worksheets cover the material all the way from preschool to 8th grade. This is excellent as it allows your child to get used to the style of worksheet that teAchnology provides.

Now, it is notable that all of the worksheets have their answers clearly laid out on their site. With that being said, the answers are pretty shallow, and they won’t offer much insight into the thought process behind the answer.

Ideally, these worksheets would be a collaborative effort between you and your child, as someone needs to provide guidance through the fairly unhelpful answers. With that being said, teAchnology provides an astounding amount of high-quality sheets to practice with.

Adapted Mind Math Worksheets

When you look at Adapted Mind’s woksheets the first thing that pops out is the designs.

Fundamentally, this site relies a lot more on games and interactivity than the others. They do offer a myriad of worksheets(over 1500) however, this can be a tad annoying to navigate. Mainly, the website only lets you filter by grade and then by area, so you aren’t able to do it vice-versa.

The best thing about the approach this site takes is that it ensures that learning math is kept as fun as possible. By incorporating colorful graphics and gaming elements they’ve made their worksheets much more fun than they otherwise would be.

Furthermore, these worksheets were created by actual professors at some of the world’s highest-rated universities. It can be easy to underestimate the impact this can have on the quality of a worksheet, but it really shows.

The site’s UI is also quite polished and offers a seamless experience while using the worksheets. Take note that you will need to register in order to use this site. Another positive of Adapted Mind’s approach to learning math is that they do offer quite in-depth solutions. In fact, they tend to accompany any incorrect answers with a few videos demonstrating the core principles of the worksheet that your child is struggling with.

If you aren’t much of a fan of doing worksheets online, you can also print them, which is a nice touch.

Cambridge Assessment International Education

With this kind of pedigree, it would be surprising if this ended up underwhelming. Cambridge offers free worksheets for children ranging from 5 years old all the way to 19 years of age.

The biggest upside of their worksheets is naturally that they’re made by the folks at one of the world’s top-rated universities. An excellent feature of the site is that you can see detailed information about the curriculum, as well as the worksheets which you can work through with your child.

On the side of the actual worksheets, Cambridge does a stellar job as expected. The questions are interesting, to the point, and plentiful enough to have your child gain as much practice as they need.

With that being said, the site isn’t quite flawless. Despite the stages of education being organized quite nicely, actually getting to the worksheets you need isn’t the easiest task. The site is also quite unfriendly to mobile devices, so if that’s a learning method you use a lot you might want to skip over this one.

This site might not have quite as many worksheets as the other two, but the sheets they do have are extremely high-quality and effective at teaching core concepts to children.

On the other hand, if your child is interested in math, you won’t be able to do better than Cambridge’s own math-learning system. Furthermore, they have a vast variety of endorsed resources that you can use free of charge on their website.

Closing Words

While having the proper resources to teach your child math is very important, there is one thing that exceeds that- practice. Fundamentally, the most important thing about getting good at maths is simply practicing a lot.

If your child isn’t practicing, not even using the best resources in the world is going to help. In the same vein, even practicing from bad resources is much better than not doing so. Because of this, you should always prioritize something that your child will actually want to do over what is most effective.

For example, some children will be fond of the game-like approach of Adapted Mind, rather than the more analytic one provided by Cambridge. If that is the case, let them! At the K-12 level, the material doesn’t differ enough to make a significant difference.

Besides, it has been scientifically proven that children memorize much better when working on things that they actually enjoy. This means that the best way to pick out of these three is to give all of them a try and see what your child likes best!